Social Compliance

Many customers are looking for companies that keep up with fuel-efficient technology and show a willingness to embrace green trends. Rather than just a fad, they see it as a new, sustainable way of life. As customers begin to increase their awareness on all green-related issues, they are going to look for trucking companies that follow in line with their beliefs in creating a better, more sustainable environment. Today, many trucking companies are starting to implement a wide variety of sustainable practices that allow them to become less dependent on fossil fuels, thereby reducing their carbon footprint as they drive from one place to another. The switch to renewable energy and energy efficient measures not only saves them a few dollars, but it also saves the environment as well.

Some of the efforts that are being done by SH Logistics to go green are:

  1. Installing aerodynamic skirts on our trailers
  2. Using reusable floor runners,
  3. Recycling tires and cartons,
  4. Having regular scheduled trailer and truck maintenance to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  5. Drivers driving at low and constant speed which decreases upto 25% of fuel consumption
  6. Drivers use truck stop electrification system to heat or cool while sleeping in truck